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Kaava Patterns sewing patterns come in sizes 32-46EU/0-14US/ 4-18UK for height 168cm/ 5'5" and B cup. With each sewing pattern you will receive an instructions booklet that includes two measurement charts: basic body measurements and measurements of a finished garment. 

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Le guide pdf
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Each sewing pattern comes in three formats: A4, A0 and Letter (note that A4 and Letter formats are combined in one file). All files are in PDF format and are compressed in a single zip folder. In order to access the files you must first extract your zip folder.

Formats A4 and Letter can be directly printed at home. To get started print page N.2 and verify the size of a test square before printing all the pages. Print only the pages that include your cup size. Once printed assemble your pattern by first cutting or folding the borders and then tape the sheets together. 

You can also get your pattern printed in a copy shop using format A0. Don't forget to verify a test square before cutting out the pattern pieces. 


Using layers you can print only one size and hide the others. Layers option is available for all formats: A4, A0 and Letter. 

Open the pattern file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and tick off all the sizes that you wish to hide. Layers can be found in a vertical side bar on the left of a page.

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