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The success of a sewing project depends on several elements and requires a variety of skills. Our goal is to make sewing easier for you while respecting the rules of the game.

With Kaava Patterns sewing patterns you will not only learn to sew but you will also move gradually towards more thoughtful consumption by building step-by-step your hand made wardrobe.


MARIA 102022 BRUTES-443.jpg
MARIA PORTRAIT 102022 DEF-5_edited.jpg


My name is Maria, I'm the designer behind Kaava Patterns. I've been passionated about sewing and handicrafts since my childhood. Today in parallel with sewing patterns I teach pattern making in a higher education institution and I also help different brands to develop their collections. 


Word kaava means pattern in Finnish which seemed to me as an obvious choice due to my Finnish origins. Consequently each design of the collection has been named after a female Finnish name.



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